About Us

Welcome to MILPARTS®.   While our site is new, we have decades of experience in buying and selling a wide variety of military related parts, components, assemblies, and end items.

Our goal in setting up milparts.com is simple:  to provide you with a safe, efficient platform for buying and selling the military (and civilian) related items that help make your business a success.  Please take a few minutes and look over the site. Browse the current listings; you may find items you presently need.  Also, imagine how easy it will be for you to sell your excess inventory items.  Whether buying or selling, you’ll find navigating the site logical and easy.

Most importantly, let us know what you think about our efforts, good and bad.  Your comments and feedback are very important to us and will be carefully reviewed and considered.

And remember, we're called "MILPARTS", but we encourage you to buy and sell civilian parts, components, assemblies, and end items as well.