For Buyers

As a Buyer on, there are a few points that we need to make as you use our website.

First, you can browse without having to register as a Buyer.    You will have to register if you elect to bid on an auction item or purchase a fixed-price item.    Second, you will have to provide a credit card when you register.   Under no circumstances will you have any charges made to your credit card.  We use credit card information (along with your name, address, etc) to verify that the account being created is for a bonafied buyer.    Any further “financially identifying” information required to complete a winning bid or purchase an item is between you and the Seller – not between you and MILPARTS®.

We provide an “advertising venue” for Sellers to list and sell items and for Buyers to bid on and purchase items.    It’s important to remember this!    Transactions are between you and the Seller.    Any questions you have regarding a listing are handled between the Buyer and Seller via the MILPARTS® Messaging System and it is up to the Buyer and Seller to resolve any disputes they might have.

Now, regarding the “Rules of Engagement” for using    This information is found in three areas:

  1. In our Terms & Conditions document.

  2. In our Website Rules document.

  3. And in our Buyer’s User Guide PDF document.

We can’t stress enough that you take the time to review the Terms & Conditions and the Website Rules documents.    All of the information related to the “protocol” for buying and selling are spelled-out in these two documents - especially the Website Rules document.    The Buyer’s User Guide explains the various areas you have available to you as a buyer once you have registered as a Buyer on