Help Loading Your Inventory

There are two ways to build/submit your listings to the web site.

1. For a single or small number of items for sale, register on as a seller and build your own listing(s). The software is quite easy to follow and will guide you step by step.

2. For large quantity listings, we will build your listings for free, no hidden charges.

Simply register as a seller and email us a spreadsheet of your inventory items for sale to We can accept your data in a variety of spreadsheet applications such as Excel, CSV, TAB Delimited. If you need technical assistance, please contact Don Molleur, at or by phone, 256 453-1874.

Your spreadsheet must contain the following minimum information, in no specific order:

Nomenclature/Item Name
National Stock Number
Manufacturer Part Number
Quantity ( 1 EA, 1 Pack, Lot of 5 items, etc)

We can build your listings with either the NSN or Part Number but providing both will yield better results.

Should you want pictures posted with your listings, we will need those pictures in a separate folder with adequate information to allow us to match your pictures with your listings. Pictures should be provided in the one of the following standard formats: JPEG/PMG/SVG/WebP, etc. Otherwise, let us load your inventory and then you can add pictures after we've done our part.