For Sellers

Quite often, businesses and individuals looking to purchase military-related parts find themselves in the position of having excess inventory of their own and no readily available "venue" for disposing of these assets.

MILPARTS® is an effective on-line marketplace for both buying and selling military surplus property such as aircraft parts, vehicles, electronics, machinery, equipment, tools, clothing, and much more.

If you have a large inventory or just a few parts, this is the site for you! Your listings are absolutely free unless you actually sell your item(s). This is truly a win-win scenario. You pay nothing unless you have a successful sale. Upload up to ten images per listing and remember - if you have a large amount of inventory that you want to list on, we'll help you upload your listing information and we'll do it for free! (For more information on how we can help you upload your inventory data, click here).

As a Seller on, there are a few points that we need to make as you use our website.

First, you can browse MILPARTS® without having to register as a Seller.  You will have to register if you elect to sell any auction items or fixed-price items.  Second, in order to sell on, you will have to supply a credit card as part of your registration.

We charge no 'insertion' or ‘listing’ fees. There are two types of fees that may be incurred when you list or sell items on, an Optional Listing Feature charge and a Seller Final Fee.  The Seller Final Fee is assessed only if your item ends with a winning bidder.  The Seller Final Fee is a flat fee of 7.5% based on the final winning bid or purchase price - the Seller Final Fee WILL NOT exceed $1500.00 (excluding Optional Listing Feature charges).

Also, the Seller Final Fee assessed by MILPARTS® will not be less than $5.00 for a winning auction or fixed-price sale.  Please keep this in mind when you are listing items for sale.

We offer some Optional Listing Features that can be used to enhance the listing that must be paid for whether or not the item is sold.  If you choose to use any of our Optional Listing Features and the item does not sell it can be relisted three (3) times free of charge using the same options.  The Fee Structure for Optional Listing Feature charges and the Seller Final Fee are located here.

We provide an “advertising venue” for Sellers to list and sell items and for Buyers to bid on and purchase items.  It’s important to remember this.  Transactions are between you and the Buyer.  Any questions you have regarding a listing are handled between the Seller and Buyer via the MILPARTS® messaging system and it is up to the Seller and Buyer to resolve any disputes they might have.

Now, regarding the “Rules of Engagement” for using  This information is found in three areas:

  1. In our Terms & Conditions document.

  2. In our Website Rules document.

  3. And in our Seller’s User Guide PDF document.

We can’t stress enough that you take the time to review the Terms & Conditions and the Website Rules documents.    All of the information related to the “protocol” for buying and selling are spelled-out in these two documents - especially the Website Rules document.    The Seller’s User Guide explains the various areas you have available to you as a Seller once you have registered as a Seller on